The role of a showman is similar to that of a teacher. They provide lessons which inspire, instill hope and faith, and bound to grace they embolden confidence. As if it were a fragrance, the aura of a showman perfumes the vast spaces circumventing their spotlight- like the dense fog which leaves no dark matter unconsidered, and certainly no lungs unfilled. These lessons emanate in stereo, piercing the baptismal haze- never not providing so as long as hot electricity runs through the veins of the venue. These lessons are gifts, simultaneously nuanced and grand- gestures seen and gestures felt. But no matter how much is both given and taken, in compounding multitudes unquantifiable, the showman only expects a simple return of applause.
Ideally it is an applause which is extruded in proportion to that which was given to the audience; a thing baked somehow in the sweet transactional frequencies, given to the showman in a neat package of satisfaction and gratification- ever confusing and short-lived- clumsily wrapped in pages of newspapers from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“In the Journey toward the goal of ideal self-expression, we must use negative feedback data to correct course, as in any other goal-striving situation.”
   - Dr. Maxwell Maltz, 1960