October 19 - November 19, 2017
Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles CA

Image captured in 2004.


What if we were to create in a society in which simple judgements no longer existed? No more would we hear of “good,” “bad” or even “mediocre.” What if the pure desire to produce was applaudable?- with the most sincere reception. What if we could rid our productive process of the presupposed fear that is almost always embedded into the outcome?

“No. This can’t be.”

All that pressure is necessary. All the stress is a driving force. All the insecurities are the fuel.

What is required, then, is a constant framework of “good.” And if it is backlit by the strength of sheer will, the “bad” and “mediocre” can’t even be seen.

So the glaring question is then: “how can this be good?”
And always good.

Chapter 1

His reflection in the bathroom mirror was a matrix of droplets, glistening in the steamy dark air. There was not much thought production during the long stare, but his slow eyes appeared to indicate otherwise. He closed the window hoping that the steam wouldn’t dissipate as quickly and then he could allow himself more of this time spent looking pensive.

The phone began to ring and the steam immediately escaped out the door as he walked out of the bathroom naked and over to the den.

He sat on his chair, crossed his legs and let the phone ring a few times before picking it up.


© A.G.