Line Script Diary is an artists-run publishing press which highlights the peripheral practices of artists and cultural producers, founded and edited by A.G.

In addition to supporting newly commissioned publications and editions, the core of Line Script Diary’s mission is the ongoing publication series; The L.S.D. Journal. The purpose of the journal is to provide a mediated and discursive site for the exploration of ideas and executions within the realm of text-based works- giving a platform to a very underrepresented and undervalued, but significant, aspect of the contributors’ ethos and practices. The L.S.D. Journal features contributions by international artists, curators, directors of institutions, and academics- proving to be a catalyst for dialogue and exchange in the larger discourse.

Since its inception, the journals have been available complimentary at programmed release events, which feature the current volume’s contributors and are completely open to the public. After each release, the journals are dispersed and disseminated- shipped out locally and internationally to various institutions, galleries (from emerging to blue-chip), book stores, and often included in exhibitions relating to the role of the printed matter in contemporary art. The journal also functions as both a testing ground and a teaser for potential larger-scale publications and projects.

Contributors to The L.S.D. Journal have included Jim Drain, Tauba Auerbach, Math Bass, Jean- Baptiste Bernadette, JPW3, David Altmejd, Amanda Ross-Ho, Eve Fowler, to name just a few.

Other recent publications include an editioned book-object, Reflections While Driving by A.G., a limited edition print by Domingo Castillo, and Creosote, a 310-page full-color book of texts and images by Catherine Czacki.


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