READING 1︎︎︎ Conquering Hollywood: a Manifesto

In a state of profound clarity and seemingly brutal honesty we experience the stark realization that all of existence is a highly dynamic matrix of choices. That is to say (with cynicism aside) that fundamentally our realities emerge from very simple and clear virtual spaces of, essentially, endless nothingness. As our biological brains construct, collectively, these matrixes of choices, interwoven in complexities of resulting psychological structures, systems and protocols, we come to accept that our goals are to navigate the roads which have been built for us; never having realized, and/or forgetting, that we actually paved those roads ourselves. This hopeful realization may come as a shock. But if we are to overcome the initial fear, we must stand independently in this virtual space and begin to conceive of, and craft, a malleable and pliable form of choices; an act of extreme vulnerability and courage.

Of course, there needs to be an initial willingness to take on the practice of such choice-making. There must be a commitment to this conglomerate of lies, built atop an ultimate truth, because it shall become the self-constructed roadmap, however fluid, that will illuminate the theater which will stage your altogether new reality.

Then with gusto and vibrancy; a reverence for our beliefs, we must maintain the march forward with a discipline for effort. Our crafting in this virtual space will be our lifelong practice, and the conscious mastery of our craft will refine our tools so that they too will be more precise in their mining of the matrix, allowing the subconscious to spring spontaneously outward, as we drink from its knowledge.

On the crusade to the realm of our own construction we must be wary of those who intend to block our intentions or, worse yet, to stand as critics. Our aim should be in wielding the power and control that we didn’t know we possessed, with a revolutionary disregard of the agents and agencies which are perpetually and ever so tightly regarded as absolute rule, and reclaim the charmed role of the showman.

© A.G.