READING 4 ︎︎︎ Fame & Anarchy

The ultimate act of resistance is total invisibility— anonymity as defiance.

I believe that the bold and proactive character should be developed and committed to as a methodology for true aliveness, to be fully engaged in a gracious revelry and reverence for existence.

That all being said, is it possible to attain fame and maintain anarchy?

Absolutely. And here's why.

Our true being, our essence, is housed within a universal field of pure potentiality, which is unborn and undying. The character we choose to navigate reality with is not our true being, but rather a vessel which is powered by our consciousness— and this vessel has the ability to be aware of our true being, flowing freely in a space untouchable by anyone or anything.

Our characters, and their roles and personalities, can be overexposed the point of first-degree burns. The flash of the cameras can reveal every material detail. All things can be given a name— flattering or otherwise. But despite the intensity of the following spotlight, true invisibility will never be affected at the material level. The essence of who we all are cannot be touched— it remains in an eternal state of anonymity, never to be exposed, exploited, mediated, commodified, judged, or even named.

It is certainly possible to have a significant public profile and, yet, at the deepest level imaginable, be eternally invisible and pure.

© A.G.