September 7 - October 5, 2019
Primary., Miami FL

Expressionism and all other unconventional techniques in drama have only one valid aim, and that is a closer approach to truth.
- Tennessee Williams

At roof-level, to the rear of the balcony, you'll find the spotlight sitting in anticipation, waiting on the moment when the theater comes into play. Setting the perfect mood, it delivers an environment that allows the audience to best receive our protagonist, contributing to the scene by way of inherent gift.

TALENT, A.G.'s first solo exhibition at Primary., sets the viewer in the world of the story with the story happening as it is being told. An ongoing self-examination turned realization, a conflation of time, occurring in the present with the rhythm and sentiment of the stage. Here we find the capable individual, caught in the act of celebration, searching for recognition and hinting at vulnerability.  

Upon entering the space, you begin to engage with the developing virtue of A.G. Untitled (production still from 2004) are the acting confidantes, the documentation of trust and character strength, captured in black and white and color, under the glow of makeshift limelight. Do these self-portraits seem familiar? It is possible that you too have stood on this mark before, sharing in the empathy of an autobiography abstracted.  

American modern choreographer, Martha Graham, has previously lectured on performers as an audience, viewing themselves "not as imitated behavior... or the phenomenon of nature but something of the miracle that is a human being". In homage to the domestic theatre, Audience (wallpaper) wraps the space with a series of spectators. This wall treatment creeps into the rafters, pulling the viewer from their seats and thrusts them into a role of their own accord.  

Enter adolescence, a wide-open world where the heightened sense of imagination becomes a precious commodity over the passing time. TALENT is a real-time reminder to build our stages and act as our spotlights. Without one, there is no other, actor and audience in a single breath, once upon a time.


© A.G.